Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tulsa Air and Space Museum

On Friday we took a trip to the Tulsa Air and space Museum with our Play and Learn Group.  The boys were super excited to get there!  Oliver kept saying, "pay-pane" airplane, and when we pulled into the parking lot Elliott asked if we were at the "blast off place."  

First we went upstairs to check out some of the "hands on" activities. 

After we were finished upstairs we headed over to the Planetarium. The video that was showing was really above our kids' heads, but Elliott thought it was pretty cool.  He liked pretending that he was in a rocket ship flying through space.
After the Planetarium we had a picnic lunch inside the museum breezeway and then we headed inside the museum to check out the airplanes.

Elliott and Oliver climbed the little ladder behind the astronaut so I could take a picture.  Elliott was tall enough for me to get a picture, Oliver was not.  :)

 Lilly was pushing the buttons to launch the space shuttle.

 Elliott had a turn launching the shuttle! 

 Oliver took a turn!!

 Blasting off!!


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