Saturday, February 18, 2012

Playing Catch Up

I always have great intentions about trying to blog about every week or two, but I never seem to find the time, so today I'm taking the time to do a little catching up.  

We learned a lot about winter weather in January even though our temps were more spring like! 
These were our snowman snacks:

The boys are digging in play-dough searching for marbles.  This was harder for them than I though it was going to be.  Super great for their fine motor skills!!

Snowman Pancakes!  Chocolate chips for the face, raisins for the buttons and bacon for the arms!  When we added powdered sugar it looked like snow!

 The boys have been having so much fun using marbles.  I saw this idea to make magnetic marble runs and knew my two kiddos would love it!  Right now we're using the refrigerator to attach them to, but I plan to buy a large oil drip pan to use in the future (which will be great for other magnetic activities, too!).  It was fun to see the boys move the tubes around and make them work.  A lot of problem solving going on here!

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